SINCE1982 create and sell thought provoking, art & graphic apparel.


Since1982 was setup in 2015 by Artist and Designer Stephen Gibbs, to deliver ethical, thought provoking apparel to the clothing market. Our designs often take inspiration from the North East's deep historic heritage, retro culture and obscure trends.

Our aim; to inspire...Our destination; nowhere.


We believe in challenging the norm, challenging trends, challenging ideas, challenging ethics. We use organic, sustainable materials that don't exploit others, whilst maintain the highest standards of comfort and quality.


Our clothing has been is screen printed with love, by hand (so it's not always perfect...But who is? If you get this, you get us!). Our garments are carefully selected for style and quality. Often when we're creating a design to be screen printed we'll produce a limited small run of prints on beautiful heavyweight artist paper.


Now and again we'll collaborate with artists and designers to produce special edition clothing and prints. Get in touch to find out more!


Stephen trained as contemporary artist and works as graphic designer. He created SINCE1982 after parting company with design-led wallet business ‘Boreal’. Boreal was formed by Stephen, Chris Barter (remaining and Sally Smallwood now of  and was part the 'Starter for 10' initiative led by Wayne Hemmingway and featured in Digital Arts Magazine.